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We’ve been helping shooters to help landowners control their vermin problems since 2002. From moles to pigeons and from rabbits to wild boar. Our cards have helped hundreds of shooters obtain land to shoot. They create trust by showing you are available when called to provide a much needed service. And the cards themselves are the best quality cards you can buy. Totally encapsulated between two sheets of clear plastic for a long pocket or wallet life. You can rely on our cards to be constantly working for you for a very long time.

Woody’s flying high!

The latest UK Breeding Birds Survey Report 2015, issued by the BBS shows a 36% increase in the UK woodpigeon population since the previous survey. This has mainly been attributed to changes to more woody friendly winter crops and the run of mild winters we’ve been experiencing.

The corvid population is also thriving with marked increases in the Carrion and Hooded Crow populations. Jays and Jackdaws have also seen significant increases in numbers whilst the magpie population has remained relatively stable.

You can read the survey yourself by clicking here.