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Copyright: ShootingCards.co.uk - 2015 - All Rights Reserved It’s Lambing Time!

With every new season, farmers face new threats and hazards. And the threat of corvids (crows, rooks, magpies etc), at lambing time is a serious one that shooters can help to alleviate.

Field born lambs can be open to attack by crows etc. in the first hour or so of life. Severe eye injuries can be inflicted on helpless newborns as the birds are attracted to the lambs mothers afterbirth. Shooting in the actual fields where the sheep are is a definite “no go area” for obvious reasons. But shooters (with the farmers permission of course), can expect some challenging shooting if positioned well away from the stock and underneath the birds flight lines as they return to their roosts in the evenings. Even better if you have permission to shoot in the actual roosting woods themselves as the birds fly in.


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